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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Trade Deadline Thoughts

It's always a good week when the Twins sweep the White Sox at the Dome. The Twins are now two games over .500. In most divisions, that would be out of the race. In the AL Central, that puts them 2nd in the standings and only two games back from the first place Tigers.

With that in mind, will there be a trade made to show that the Twins will be serious contenders? The Twins were rumored to have been seeking Freddy Sanchez from the Pirates, but he is with the Giants now. The Twins are also seeking Orlando Cabrera from the A's, but do not want to give up third base prospect, Danny Valencia, who is in Triple-A.

The rumblings now have been that the Twins' big three: Mauer, Morneau and Nathan have pleaded to the front office to make a big trade. With Mauer's contract running out in 2010, there is speculation that he will leave the Twins if the front office does not add another star to the lineup.

It was thought that the biggest needs have been a middle infielder with a bat and relief pitching. Now, with Kevin Slowey out for the year, a starting pitcher will be necessary.

Unfortunately, I've grown accustomed to a trade not happening from my favorite club. In the past, the Twins have been able to get by without making a major trade and the trades that were made were more to subtract from team than add on. In 2004, the Twins traded Doug Mientkiewicz for a Single-A prospect who is no longer with the organization. In 2007, the Twins gave away Luis Castillo and told everyone they would upgrade, but didn't. What does the 2009 trading deadline hold for this club?



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