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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Disappointing Loss

It's been a long while since I've posted, but for some reason it takes blowing a 10-run lead to bring me back.

I do not have Fox Sports at home, so I did not see any of the game, but I did catch the end of the game with GameDay at It was very disappointing to see the score at 13-14 in the top of the ninth. At least with Cuddyer on second, Gomez on first and Delmon at the plate with two out, there was a glimmer of hope. Next thing I see it the 'WILD PITCH' sign on GameDay followed immediately with '3 outs.' After the wild pitch, Cuddyer tried to score from second and was out at the plate. Given that I did not see the play on TV, I imagine it looked something like this:

That's right! Game 163. And after getting tagged out, A.J. taunts him with the ball in his face.

Of course, my questions and thoughts:
* Originally Jason Kubel had been on first, but was substituted with Gomez. If you are trying to get the tying run, wouldn't have made more sense to sub for Cuddy? I know that Kubel is slow, but he's not that much slower than Cuddyer. If Go-Go were the lead run, considering his speed, he probably would have scored.
* Why are you trying to score from second on a wild pitch? For sure, you could get to third with no problems. I don't know if third base coach, Scott Ullger, told Cuddy to run home right away or if Cuddy had to slow down third before going home.
* Why is it that every time Cuddyer trying to run home always ends in a whimpy slide? You would think that after getting schooled by A.J. in Game 163, he would be more aggresive and bowl over anyone cover home... including a pitcher.
* If Cuddyer stops at third, you leave Delmon Young with a very favorable 2-0 count. Delmon is not exactly the player I would count on when the game is on the line, but at least you give him a better chance of scoring the tying... and possibly... winning run. Either the pitcher throws ends up throwing a strike down the plate or another wild pitch and allow Cuddyer to score.
* There are some rumblings that the ump screwed up the call in the final out and that Cuddyer should have been safe. All of that becomes a non-issue if the Twins do not give up a 10-run lead.

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