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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Opening Day Thoughts

It's a great day when the baseball season starts again. The players play for real. The stats start to count. The drama begins.

Every year, I always catch Opening Day on TV. When the Opening Day game is a day game, I either skip class or leave work early. Fortunately, this year the Twins' Opening Day game was at night game.

The big story the Twins organizations is pushing is that this is the last Opening Day in the Metrodome. Not sure if it should be that big of a deal since the Twins having been trying to get out of the Dome for more than the last ten years.

Although the Twins lost, here are some of my Opening Day thoughts.

* The Twins are attempting to juggle four outfielders. Out of the four outfielders: the one who had the best Spring Training is also the one who is riding the bench.

* Denard Span caught a pop foul in deep left in which Adrian Beltre tagged up and ran home in the second inning. Say what you want about Delmon Young's defense, but there is no denying he would have thrown him out at home.

* Michael Cuddyer struck out... three times... looking.

* With two out and one runner on, Mike Redmond was substituted at the plate for... not the hotted hitting Twins outfielder riding the bench... but for Jose "will never be more than an injury call-up" Morales who proceeded to ground out.

* For Opening Day, the Twins wore their retro 1982-style uniforms. In 1982, the Twins lost 102 games... the most of any season in the Metrodome.

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